Alternative Dispute Resolution

Alternative Dispute Resolution

Not all lawsuits proceed to a trial before a judge or a jury. There is often a window of opportunity, either before or after a lawsuit is filed, where the parties may be able to negotiate a reasonable settlement or resolution that avoids the financial costs, risks, uncertainty, and emotional turmoil of proceeding with a lawsuit. If that opportunity presents itself, the attorneys for the respective parties may suggest one of the various forms of alternative dispute resolution (ADR), in which a neutral, independent third party is utilized to facilitate negotiations and help move the parties to a mutually agreed-upon settlement. While there are many types of ADR, the goal is always for the parties to negotiate freely to come to a resolution, since doing so provides the best opportunity to promote settlement and support a family's need to move beyond the conflict to find healing.

Common Types of Alternative Dispute Resolution

Consult with an Experienced Attorney

The attorneys of Gaslowitz Frankel have years of expertise and success in all forms of Alternative Dispute Resolution. If you have a dispute that might benefit from ADR, consult with the attorneys of Gaslowitz Frankel.

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