Adam Gaslowitz Named Vice Chair/Chair-Elect of Emory University’s Gift Planning Advisory Council

Gaslowitz Frankel is pleased to announce that Emory University recently appointed founding partner Adam Gaslowitz to serve as vice chair/chair-elect of its Gift Planning Advisory Council (GPAC).

In his new role on the GPAC, Mr. Gaslowitz, a long time member of the Council, will continue to work alongside other advisory council members to support the growth and development of the University’s gift planning program. The council draws its statewide membership from experts in law, accounting, estate and philanthropic planning, wealth management, trust management, and asset valuation. Each advisory council member maintains a strong connection to Emory, and most are alumni. The University’s Office of Gift Planning educates advisory council members on Emory’s many strengths, programs, research and accomplishments, along with its funding priorities so that GPAC members can act as ambassadors within the communities they serve.

To learn more about Emory University’s Office of Gift Planning, click here.

Adam R. Gaslowitz is a founding partner of Gaslowitz Frankel, LLC. With more than 25 years of experience as a fiduciary litigator, he specializes in representing individuals, executors, trustees, investors, shareholders, and financial institutions in complex fiduciary disputes involving wills, estates, trusts, guardianships, businesses, and securities. Mr. Gaslowitz has served as an expert commentator on CNN and the Layman’s Lawyer. In addition, he delivers numerous seminars and lectures on estate litigation. For more information about resolving fiduciary disputes, please visit