How to Avoid Estate Disputes in Blended Families

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Blended families come with unique joys and challenges. When it comes to an estate, the chance of a dispute can be higher as there tends to be more jealousy and sibling rivalry at play. When a parent dies, or both parents die, these disputes can surface as each side tries to fight for what they feel is rightfully theirs. Here’s how you can lessen the chance of a dispute: The first step in avoiding an estate dispute is to have a will in place. Without a valid will, the state will decide where y...

Adam Gaslowitz and Craig Frankel Listed in the 2017 Chambers High Net Worth Guide

Gaslowitz Frankel LLC is honored to announce that both Adam Gaslowitz and Craig Frankel, as well as the firm, have been listed in the 2017 Chambers and Partners High Net Worth Guide as leaders in their field for private wealth law. Both Mr. Gaslowitz and Mr. Frankel were chosen due to their extensive knowledge and experience in fiduciary law. In order to choose firms and attorneys for the Guide, Chambers and Partners conduct surveys in the legal community. These surveys are then investigated ...

Common Scams that Target the Elderly and How to Protect Your Loved Ones

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From phone scams to email phishing, the occurrence of financial fraud is growing exponentially and is now one of the fastest growing forms of elder abuse. What makes this type of fraud especially damaging is that embarrassment and confusion cause many seniors to let the crime go unreported. How can you protect your elderly family members? The best way to help is to educate yourself on the most common scams. Why Seniors are Common Targets Many seniors have built a small amount of wealth, an...

Transitioning Your Family Business to the Next Generation

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You spent your life building a successful business, and you don’t want to see that wealth disappear with your death or retirement. But transitioning a family business to a new generation can be a difficult process. Many attempts at this transition fail, so if you want to keep the company in the family, you need to have an open conversation with your heirs to help them understand your desires and to make sure that one of them wants to continue running the business. Here are some steps you can tak...

Ignoring a Court Deadline Can Be Costly

Partner Millie Baumbusch was counsel in a recent Georgia case in which the opposing party faced severe sanctions for missing deadlines set by the court. The plaintiffs filed their lawsuit in the Superior Court of Cobb County, seeking a determination by that court regarding the title and security interest in a house. Ms. Baumbusch represented the defendants. During the course of litigation, the defendants served discovery requests on the plaintiffs, seeking documents related to the plaintiffs’ cl...

Adam Gaslowitz Invited to Join The International Academy of Estate and Trust Law

Gaslowitz Frankel LLC is proud to announce that Adam Gaslowitz has been invited to become a member of The International Academy of Estate and Trust Law. The Academy is comprised of recognized experts in probate law, trust and estate planning, and is limited to one-fourth of one percent of lawyers, judges and academicians from each country. Mr. Gaslowitz is honored to have been selected as one of the representatives from the United States to the Academy, which now comprises experts from 41 countr...

How Do I Ensure My Estate Plan Is Executed Properly?

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You have worked hard for your wealth, and it’s essential that you have a plan for how to leave your assets to your loved ones so that the state does not decide for you. But, how can you make sure that the plan will be executed according to your wishes after your death? So that challenges do not occur, it is best to consult with estate planning attorney who can make sure that everything in the plan will be legally sound. While an attorney will make sure that your will or trust documents are...

What Happens When a Sibling Disputes a Parent’s Will?

A parent’s death doesn’t necessarily stop sibling rivalries. Disputes can carry on for a lifetime, and sometimes these arguments find a way into the probate process. Sometimes, one of the adult children will claim ownership to an asset, perhaps a bank account or a family heirloom, claiming that the deceased parent promised it to him or her. (Even if it isn’t stated that way in the will.) Just because your sibling is jealous of your inheritance doesn’t mean that your parent’s will can be dispu...

Is Grief Taking Over Your Family’s Will Dispute?

In an ideal world, a thoughtfully constructed will would ensure an individual’s last wishes were irrefutable and easily executed. However, the reality is that family members often end up in a dispute after a loved one passes away regardless of the documentation that was carefully crafted beforehand. After the death of a family member, confusion and conflict is intensified by the heightened emotions associated with grief. This creates unique challenges when dealing with will disputes. Grief ca...