Essential Considerations for Helping Aging Parents

At some point, we will all face the situation where our parents begin to age and slow down, both physically and mentally. As an adult child, this shift in the dynamics of your relationship with your parents can be challenging to navigate. On one hand, you want to respect their privacy and independence, but on the other hand, you want to make sure they are continuing to make decisions that are in their best interests. Therefore, it’s important to begin assessing their changing needs and makin...

Georgia Court of Appeals Upholds Fraud and Undue Influence Verdict

Georgia Court of Appeals upholds fraud and undue influence verdict
The Georgia Court of Appeals recently decided another in a long line of cases on the issue of undue influence over a testator (in Prainito v. Smith, 2012 WL). As is the rule in Georgia, undue influence can be proved by circumstantial evidence, particularly when the subject, in a weakened state, is under the dominion of a strong influencer. Undue Influence in Prainito v. Smith This recent case involved a grandson who obtained sole possession of assets that his grandmother had intended to bequea...