After a case has been tried to a jury or judge, the trial court will issue a final judgment.  What happens then?  The parties to the dispute may accept the judgment and move forward with its enforcement.  Alternatively, one or both of the parties may believe that the jury or judge made a mistake.  In that event, the dissatisfied party may file an appeal, which is a formal objection to the final judgment.

The appellate court in which the appeal is filed will depend on the issue involved in the underlying case.  Most disputes involving Wills are also filed with the Supreme Court.  Appeals in other cases, including many trust and business disputes, may be filed in the Court of Appeals of Georgia.  In smaller Georgia counties, judgments of the Probate Court are appealed to that county’s Superior Court.

If the underlying lawsuit was originally filed in federal court, then the appeal will be filed in the local United States Court of Appeals, which in Georgia is the Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals.

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