Adam Gaslowitz Invited to Join The International Academy of Estate and Trust Law

Gaslowitz Frankel LLC is proud to announce that Adam Gaslowitz has been invited to become a member of The International Academy of Estate and Trust Law. The Academy is comprised of recognized experts in probate law, trust and estate planning, and is limited to one-fourth of one percent of lawyers, judges and academicians from each country. Mr. Gaslowitz is honored to have been selected as one of the representatives from the United States to the Academy, which now comprises experts from 41 countries worldwide.

What Is The International Academy of Estate and Trust Law

The Academy is a group of professionals and academics that study the intricacies of probate law, trusts and estate planning. Currently, this group studies how wealth is transferred through corporations, partnerships, common law trusts, foundations, and statutory trusts along with common law and civil law regarding bifurcated estates.

Areas of Study

The deep study into these topics looks to preserve family businesses that have multinational contacts. Currently, the Academy is conducting a concentrated examination into the impacts of marriage on property rights and the effects of divorce on these rights.

The Academy is also studying the impact of international conventions with the goal of balancing the negative effects of international conventions on local law so there is more flexibility in the transfer of property that has multinational involvement.

Meeting Schedule

The International Academy of Estate and Trust Law meets annually in various cities around the world. The Academy’s next meeting will be in Lisbon, Portugal on May 20-24, 2018 where these areas of law will be discussed among the members.

Benefits to Our Clients

As Atlanta continues to grow and gain prominence as a multi-cultural and multinational city, the experience Adam Gaslowitz will gain as a member of the Academy will help Gaslowitz Frankel LLC better serve clients in the future by bolstering our knowledge and skill in multinational cases and fostering relationships across the globe. If you are facing a complex estate, will or trust dispute, we can help. Contact the firm today for a consultation.